Product Code: 108000 (No Hoist)
Product Code: 108002 (With Hoist System)

The latest edition to ASE’s product line; the Trash Chute! Easily transfer waste from ASE’s Power Buggy into the Trash Hopper.

Compatibility with existing ASE products makes it easier to move and unload waste from the rooftop.

NOTE: All accessories are sold seperately. Please view the attachments below for more details.


The Trash Chute comes with a set of additional features:

  • The support frame is equipped with safety fences.
  • The is frame easily dissembled.
  • The frame is wide enough to allow the ASE Power Buggy with Dump Bucket Attachment to be driven close enough to help transfer its contents into the Trash Hopper.
  • Counterweight trays can hold up to 16 x 50 lbs. weights in each tray.
  • Can install a total of 32 counterweights. (16 per tray)
  • Frame equipped with telescopic hopper support legs.
  • Upon raising the chute system to be put into place, the support legs on the exterior part of the frame can be retracted to allow the chute hopper to be put into place.
  • After the hopper is in place, the legs can then be extended once again to support the weight of the hoper and lock it into place.

A solid trashing device.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

System Information and Specs
Frame Chute Capacity 100ft of Chute (max)
Frame Weight: 546 lbs.
Frame Skid Dimensions: ~ 48" x 60" x 24"
Frame Shipping Dimensions: ~ 102" x 7" x 3½"


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Hydraulic Sweeper

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