Product Code: 107000 (Rail System – 5 ft.)
Product Code: 107001 (Rail System – 7.5 ft.)
Product Code: 107002 (Rail System – 10 ft.)
Product Code: 107012 (Rail Only – 5 ft.)
Product Code: 107014 (Rail Only – 7.5 ft.)
Product Code: 107016 (Rail Only – 10 ft.)

Fully compliant with OSHA Fall Protection guidelines, the ASE Guardrail System provides excellent fall protection around roof edges, openings and other obstructions.

* A rail system include only 1 rail and 1 base.


The ASE Guardrail system is essential for job site safety and provides a myriad of functions:

  • Section off the job site into zones to easily organize work and personnel.
  • Warn workers of impending dangers such has hazardous materials or falls.
  • Disassemble and relocate Guardrail sections quick and easily.
  • Conforms with OSHA regulations.

The ASE Guardrail System is recommended within any job site that has a desire to safe.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

System Information and Specs
System Includes: 1-base, 1-rail, 2-pins
Base Weight: 109 lbs
Rail Lengths: 5 ft, 7.5 ft, 10 ft

Hydraulic Sweeper

This 44’’ sweeper allows you to sweep forward, to the left or to the right depending on your needs. The brush rotation speed is adjustable. A high rotation speed will be used to throw debris and snow a fair distance or a slower speed will be used when keeping debris like stones and rubble closer to the brush is important.