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Hydraulic Power Buggy

Product Code:
•105602 | Stand-on
•105604 | W/Single-Valve - Walk-behind + Flat-free
•105607 | W/Single-Valve - Stand-on - Flat-free
•105608 | W/Dual-Valve - Stand-on, No Counterweights
•105614 | W/Single-Valve - Walk-behind
•Call for Other Option

A versatile multi-tasking piece of On-Deck equipment.

The Hydraulic Power Buggy comes with a set of additional features:
  • Hydraulic driven (Hydraulic Motor and Chain Drive).
  • 8 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir.
  • Forward and reverse movement controlled by control lever.
  • Speed controlled by engine RPM.
  • Dual Valve System allows for the quick removal and exchange of various attachments which are powered by a new Large Hydraulic Motor.
  • Motor is equipped with a 'Motion Control Valve' which acts as a breaking system; allowing for better control driving on both an incline and decline.
  • All workhorse attachments are interchangeable and work on both the Hydraulic and Mechanical unit.
A solid workforce device.
System Information and Specs
Engine Types: 9 HP Honda
Dimensions: xxx" x xxx" x xxx"
Weight: 450 lbs

*Dual Valve System must be purchased seperately.
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Attachments // Recommended Products
Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - Chariot

Chariot Attachment

Product Code: 105700 (Complete with Swivel)
Product Code: 105702 (" " Foam-Filled Wheels)
Attachment Specifications
Weight 92 lbs. (Without Basket)
Dimensions 12" x 19" x 9" (Platform)

An optional stand-on attachment is easily attached to the rear of the machine allowing the operator to ride while towing 4 wheel trailers.

This attachment is recommended as the maximum speed of this machine is too fast for the operator to keep up with for extended periods of time.

Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - HydraLift

HydraLift Attachment

Product Code: 105813 (System only, Forks not included)
Product Code: 105819 (Fork Attachment only)
Attachment Specifications
Lifting Capacity 600 lbs.
Fork Dimensions 46" x 30"
Fork Spacing Fork: 30"
Weight 214 lbs.
Dimensions 76 7/16" x 39" x 21 3/4"

A new modular system with multiple future attachments that will couple to the machine easily using a pin system.

Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - Bucket Standard

Bucket Attachment - Standard

Product Code: 105800
Attachment Specifications
Weight 98 lbs. (Bucket Only)
548 lbs. (Attached)
Dimensions 47" x 36" x 12"

This system option allows larger quantities of material to be transported in a single trip.

Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - Bucket Large

Bucket Attachment - Large

Product Code: 105807
Attachment Specifications
Weight 152 lbs. (Bucket Only)
602 lbs. (Attached)
Dimensions 47" x 36" x 24"

The large bucket can be used with an optional Hydraulic Dumping System. This system option allows larger quantities of material to be transported in a single trip.

Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - Gravel Spreader

Gravel Spreader Attachment

Product Code: 105801
Attachment Specifications
Capacity 7.6 cu.ft.
Weight 110 lbs. (Speader Only)
560 lbs. (Attached)
Dimensions 24" x 36" x 27"

An attachable unit that evenly spreads gravel along the rooftop.

Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - 55 Gallon Insulated Tank Attachment

55 Gallon Insulated Tank Attachment

Product Code: 105804 (Rods and Channels)
Product Code: 103326 (With Draincock)
Attachment Specifications
Weight 75 lbs.
Dimensions XXX" x XXX" x XXX"

Used to transport and dispense hot asphalt on rooftops.

Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - Fork

Fork Attachment

Product Code: 105802
Attachment Specifications
Weight 56 lbs.
Dimensions 48" x 35.5" x 20"

Used to carry various roofing material.

Power Buggy, Hydraulic - Attachment - Hydaulic Dump System

Dump Bucket System

Product Code: 105820

A hydraulic dump bucket system that connects to the new hydraulic valve system.

Attachment prices and uses may vary.
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