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Hydraulic Tractor

Product Code: 106000 (Pull Start)
Product Code: 106004 ("" Foam-Filled Wheels)
Product Code: 106001 (Electrical Start)
Product Code: 106005 ("" Foam-Filled Wheels)

The ASE Hydraulic Tractor is a self propelled machine. This tractor is designed with hydraulic outputs for powering different attachments. Full hydraulic power with a reinforced hard gear differential. Heavy duty hydraulic drive system allows for smooth transition of speed from a slow crawl to a fast walk.

The Hydraulic Tractor comes with a set of additional features:
  • Highly mobile.
  • Modular design.
  • Built tough and durable.
A solid tasking device.
System Information and Specs
Engine: 13 HP Honda
Wheels: 18x 9.5 Superlug
Options: Electrical Start
Foam Filled Tires
Dimensions: 64" x 31" x 30"
Weight: 500 lbs

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Attachments // Recommended Products
Hydraulic Tractor - Roof Remover Attachment Hydraulic Tractor - Roof Remover Blades Attachment
  • Product Code: 206200 (15" Angled Blade)
  • Product Code: 206202 (24" Angled Blade)
  • Product Code: 206201 (15" Toothed Blade)
  • Roof Remover Attachment

    Product Code: 106200
    Attachment Specifications
    Blade Types 15" Angled
    24" Angled
    15" Toothed
    Weight 275 Lbs
    Dimensions 54" x 31" x 30"

    With a roof remover attachment the ASE hydraulic tractor becomes one of the most powerful roof removers on the market. A hydraulic motor drives the cutting blade repeatedly between the built up roof and the roof deck lifting it off for easy disposal.

    Hydraulic Tractor - Sweeper Attachment

    Sweeper Attachment

    Product Code: 106300 (Poly Coil)
    Product Code: 106301 (Poly Steel)
    Attachment Specifications
    Drive System Hydraulic / Chain
    Brush Types Poly Coil
    Poly Steel
    Angle Adjustment Up to 35 Degrees
    Brush Dimensions 40 Wide x 19 Diagonal
    Weight 200 Lbs
    Dimensions 48" x 30" x 24"

    The 40" Hydraulic Sweeper Attachment is a powerful low maintenance sweeper for the high production roofer. The brush is driven by a powerful hydraulic motor with enclosed chain system. The double swivel caster support wheels allow the operator to sweep lightly or heavily as the situation demands.

    Hydraulic Tractor - Plow Attachment

    Plow Attachment

    Product Code: 106500
    Attachment Specifications
    Weight 92 lbs
    Dimensions 32" x 43" x 29"

    35° of angle adjustment to the left or right, the plow attachment moves roofing debris or snow out of the way quickly and easily.

    Attachment prices and uses may vary.
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